The Big Switch

This weekend started our official switch from Ironmen to hopeful climbers, Tony Stark to Spiderman. Friday, after a Thursday of turkey we road from our house to Newcomb's ranch, 25 miles up to 6000 ft. with our often training partner Adam Kisor, had some lunch and then was driven home, nice.

Saturday we really started the change over and headed to rockreation in Santa Monica to work on our climbing chops, it was fun but we have some work to do in that department.

And finally Sunday, we hiked from Lake Ave. to Inspiration Point via Echo Mountain then met up with our friend Steve Soong, who is training for an ultra marathon, and ran down with him, we kept up most of the way.

It was our first weekend dedicated to our build up to our mountaineering goals but it has to be looked at like any sport one does, build, recover, build, recover, build, recover, peak (good pun right).

Off we go!