Interview: Jonathon Spitzer - WWJSD?

Jonathon Spitzer is a mountain guide. That really is an understatement. The most used word that Saveria and I have used to describe Jonathon to others after we met him in the North Cascades for a glacier travel/crevasse rescue 6 day course is: Awesome. As I said we only met him a short time ago, but his guidance on that trip, his instruction and knowledge really stuck with us. We are set to attempt Forbidden Peak, again in the Cascades, this September with Jonathon. He was kind enough upon returning from 14 day outing with 13 days of rain to answer some questions for us.

Interview: Dan Richter

Dan Richter will always be the most interesting guy in the room, but his relaxed and cool demeanor never boast of it. Saveria and I were lucky enough to meet him, in one of his current positions as a Sierra Club leader and guest speaker at the Wilderness Travel Course. We were immediately drawn to his passion for climbing that began in his childhood in the Alps. Saveria and I then attended his Advanced Mountaineering Program, taught with fellow climbing mentor Patrick McKusky. Dan quickly became one of our climbing mentors and also a friend. I have enjoyed amazing conversation with him, specifically on my other passion, movies. Because you see, Dan in another life choreographed and starred in the man-ape sequence of 2001. He was also a mime and worked closely with John Lennon and Yoko Ono from 1969-1973. I said the most interesting guy in the room right? Dan was also kind enough to answer our AdventurUs hero interview questions.