Interview: Dan Richter

Dan Richter will always be the most interesting guy in the room, but his relaxed and cool demeanor never boast of it. Saveria and I were lucky enough to meet him, in one of his current positions as a Sierra Club leader and guest speaker at the Wilderness Travel Course. We were immediately drawn to his passion for climbing that began in his childhood in the Alps. Saveria and I then attended his Advanced Mountaineering Program, taught with fellow climbing mentor Patrick McKusky. Dan quickly became one of our climbing mentors and also a friend. I have enjoyed amazing conversation with him, specifically on my other passion, movies. Because you see, Dan in another life choreographed and starred in the man-ape sequence of 2001. He was also a mime and worked closely with John Lennon and Yoko Ono from 1969-1973. I said the most interesting guy in the room right? Dan was also kind enough to answer our AdventurUs hero interview questions.