Mt Whitney Mountaineers route

Pre-Whitney Shenanigans

We arrived in Lone Pine, CA this afternoon in preparation for the start of our Summit For Someone climb of Mt Whitney. About 5 minutes after arriving our teammates Roseann and Liane picked us up and we headed to the trail head to check it out. The road was open all the way up which is a good sign. The weather is cold but clear. We then headed back down to the Alabama Hills to play on some rocks then headed to the Pizza Factory for lunch.

Back to the hotel to rest and do last minute prep. Then back to the Mt Whitney Restaurant for dinner with our team. It was the first time we have all met in person and it was super fun to start to get to know each other.

We will be posting updates from the trail to our FB page via our Delorme inReachSE satellite device! Like our page to follow our adventure real time.