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Reflecting on Hawaii - Puako & Ohana - Day 1

The AdventurUs recently went on vacation... no really just a good old fashion vacation. No epic climbs planned, no training or certification required... just sunscreen, bathing suits and friends. We will be posting a daily recap from exactly a week ago... a selfish way to relive the vakay! Sunday, 5.12.13

Ohana at Puako. Our first day at the Puako house we woke up to an amazing view of the ocean right off our lanai. We wandered to the beach where we say our first sea turtle napping in the sun.

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The plan was to hangout at the house and for local friends to come over in the afternoon. We headed up to Waimea for a quick trip to the grocery store for some poke and misc food for the house.

Most of the day was spent just enjoying the house... until my Hawaii ohana (family) started coming  over. It had been 7 years since my last visit and I had only met 2 of my friends' keikis (kids). It was amazing to have friends old and new all hanging out and watching all the kids running around playing. In some ways it seemed like no time had passed.

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It was the perfect start to a great week... daily recaps to follow.