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Looking Back @ my 2nd OR Daily Assignment

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My OR Daily assignment for the day: "Question of the Day."

In honor of the U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell's keynote speech, "The Future of Recreation, Conversation and Youth Engagement" at the OIA Industry Breakfast on Day 1 of  the show, I was tasked to ask show attendees; "As U.S. Secretary of the Interior, what issue should Sally Jewell tackle next?"

Although this seems like a straight forward question it was one that people were not prepared to answer first thing in the morning on the first day of the show. I did meet a lot of nice and interesting people, some of whom were kind enough to answer the question. My photos and quotes that I collected can be found on page 16 of the Day 2 OR Daily. A digital version can be found here."

This was a really fun assignment and getting to see your work in print makes all the hard work worth it!

The Life of a Backpacker Reader Reporter…

The Life of a Backpacker Reader Reporter at the worlds coolest outdoor show. For those that don't know I was chosen to be part of the 4 member Backpacker Magazine Reader Reporter Team for the 2014 Winter Outdoor Retailer Show, an updated . This means we are at the show helping the editorial staff for Backpacker Magazine and the OR Daily (the trade show publication they produce each day of the show).


Upon arrival we were surprised by an awesome welcome package!!!

A new Fall14 day pack by Osprey, Keen Dry Trail Runners, an Icebreaker Baselayer (my FAVE!), socks-socks & more socks!, snacks, AVEX vacuum sealed tumblers and the latest Backpacker Magazine hot off the presses!

We also received a Montane pedometer and hat right before we left for the Mountain Demo Day (Day 0) which was awesome as I wanted to see how many steps I take each day. BTW - Day 0 total 6, 265!!!!

I was working with the OR Daily staff for my first day at the All Mountain Demo. My assignment for the day was finding people for the "People You Should Know" (page 84) article and international attendees for the "Global Affair" piece (page 79). The Day 1 edition can be found online at:

I am also posting show updates to Backpackers FB page and to the AdventurUs' Twitter & Instagram. Look for #brrt.