Chums PED Accessory Cases

Known for their eyeglass retainers, Chums has grown to include a large offering of accessories for the outdoor enthusiast including the new PED (Personal Electronic Device) accessory case line. These cases come in a variety of sizes and shapes. I spent some time using and testing the Tech & Gizmo cases.

Testing Parameters

Backpacking, hiking, climbing, gym, traveling, beach days


These bright color cases make it easy to find your gadgets and the durable padded construction provide peace of mind when you have them attached to the outside of packs or on your harness for easy access. The Tech Case was perfect for my iPhone 5 and the slim profile made it easy to slip into a purse or small bag. The Gizmo PED case has a bit of an awkward shape as it is meant for binoculars or a small camera. That being said the Gizmo case fit my GoPro (in it’s case), iPhone 5, and in the small interior pocket an extra GoPro battery and SD card. The Gizmo case also made great extra lens case for our DLSR.

The Beta

Pros: Bright colors make them easy to find and the padding protects your devices even if dropped or banged into things.

Cons: Had to be careful the battery and SD card didn’t fall out of the pockets if the case was on it’s side or upside down with the lid unzipped. 

Product Highlights: 4 color options, ballistic nylon

MSRP: Tech Case $18  , Gizmo Case $25

Full Disclosure: I was given this product for free to test, with no obligations to review.