5 Days of Last Minute Gift Ideas: Day 5 is for Good Cheer!

The fact that this gift suggestion was saved until Friday is no accident In celebration of the end of the week, and as we head full steam towards Christmas, we have the perfect gift for your friends that like to imbibe. Look no further than Vargo's NEW Titanium Funnel Flask released this past October (2014).

Photo Credit: Vargo Outdoors

Photo Credit: Vargo Outdoors

The Vargo Titanium Funnel Flask is light and tough for your backcountry peeps and stylish enough for the urban non-outdoorsy crowd. Known for their simple, durable, and lightweight outdoor gear, Vargo has not let us down with their innovative flask design. The integrated funnel spout helps prevent spilling your flask's precious cargo when filling and emptying it. 

Sold on this gift idea? Don't worry we checked...  it is in stock and ships for free! Click here to buy online and get more info! What are you waiting for?

Gift Giver Rating: Expert in cool gifts

Warning: This gift might encourage good times around the campfire.

Full Disclosure: We have not actually tried it, but we have seen it and LOVE it.