Trailworthy Treats - Who said candy wasn't good for you?

This weeks addition of Trailworthy Treats is also shout out to hiking buddy & friend Gerry. I turned him onto these guys and he swears by them too.

We all grew up eating Jelly Belly Beans, forgetting which color was which, hoping that white one was pina colada and NOT buttered popcorn! Jelly Belly is an iconic name and when I first started seeing their "Sport Beans by Jelly Belly" on the shelf promising "quick energy for sports performance" you can imagine my skepticism. Candy passing as performance fuel. This skepticism was short lived. At the time I was training for an Ironman and willing to try ANYTHING that wasn't a gooey sticky mess and that I could keep down on long efforts. They did the trick and I have now brought them into my hiking/backpacking world.

I love them for a number of reasons: 

  1. I can always manage to eat them even when nothing else tastes good
  2. They make me want to drink more water encouraging hydration
  3. The convenient resealable pouch makes it easy to eat as many or as few as you want and then stow them away
  4. Lifesavers! They have been the magic bonk cure for many a friend, and myself,  needing that extra energy boost 

The regular energizing beans come in 6 flavors (Berry, Green Apple, Orange, Fruit Punch, Juicy Pear, and Lemon Lime) plus an assortment pack and the EXTREME  version, boasting 50mg of caffeine, comes is 3 flavors (Cherry, Watermelon, and Pomegranate) plus an assorted option. The 1oz packets are 100 calories making it easy to keep track of your calorie count and each packet has 80mg off sodium, 40mg of Potassium, and 25g of carbs. 

Happy snacking!