Reflecting on Hawaii - North Kohala Fun Day - Day 6

Our daily recap from exactly a week ago... a selfish way to relive the vakay! Friday, 5.17.13

With our week coming to a close we headed to North Kohala.

It was recommended that if heading up north to stop at Mahukona Beach to go snorkeling. Approximately halfway between Kawaihae and Hawi is an abandoned harbor once owned by a local sugar company.  We heard that there is a sunken ship and to find it you follow the chain on the bottom. The chain was easy to find despite being covered in coral because it was huge. We followed it out... a little further... and a little further...and a little further out to sea... we decided to turn back as we were getting pretty far off shore... the water was getting deeper and the sea life getting less interesting. We headed back to the harbor where the coral and fish were abundant. Directions: To get there take Highway 270 north from Kawaihae. Take the road to the ocean between Mile Markers #14 and 15.

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From here we headed to Kapa'au and ATV Outfitters for a 2 hour waterfall ATV tour. Everyone opted for their own ride, but Paul and I wanted to go together so we were put in a side-by-side ATV. The trip took us up onto private property into the Kohala mountains through the old sugar cane fields, in and out of forests and to waterfalls. The first waterfall was approximately 1000' into the hills and was viewed from a lookout. We headed another 1000' feet up into the hills and this time hiked down a short but steep trail to a waterfall. It was something out of a movie.... a perfect waterfall landing in a pool of water. We all headed in for a swim. The part they don't show in the movies is the not so graceful slip sliding entry over the slippery rocks into the *GASP* freezing water. The water wasn't so bad after you got used to it.  Cue the movie again... now it was a bunch of friends hanging out in a beautiful waterfall in Hawaii! Good times! I never did anything like this when I lived here and wished I had. It was super fun and a great way to see parts of the island you would normally not see or have access to. The guides from ATV Outfitter were great!

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After a quick ice cream stop we headed to the Pololu Valley Lookout. It was too late to hike down to the black sand beach, but the views were stunning.

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We then headed back to Hawi to meet up with the Buczyna gang.  This was our first time to the Buczyna Ohana to see Maka and Nani the pooches and to meet the chickens. Even for Hawaii standards this is a slice of heaven. And as if it wasn't good enough just to be hanging with loving old friends, we were greeted by the most amazing rainbow I have ever seen and watched as Madie released a butterfly that had hatched out of its cocoon that day. After a game of hide and go seek, freeze tag, papaya picking and after a very important conversation with Madie about our favorite princesses it was time to go.

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The drive back to Puako involved a few random rainstorms... totally dry road... then torrential downpour... then totally dry road. As we turned into Puako Beach Drive... no rain. About a quarter mile from the house downpour again... made for a great dinner on the lanai listening to the rain.