Coming home to Hawaii

The thick heavy air is like a welcome blanket being wrapped around you. You know as soon as you step off the plane you are in Hawaii. I'm always worried when I come back that everything will be different... that I won't recognize anything. Things have definitely changed, but from a quick glance much remains the same. I was so excited at LAX that I was asked twice if this was my first time going to Hawaii. My impulse is to say no I'm excited to be going home, but then I realize that seems silly. It has been 13 years since I moved back to the mainland and I only lived on the Big Island for 2 years and yet there is something about those years that I hold dear to my heart. Those years were ones that shaped my life and who I am. The happy home... The best roommates... Brothers and sisters really... Dr. Happy... Memories that make this feel like home.

We are staying at an awesome house in Puako, but arrived at night so I'm excited to see it all in the morning. As I write the geckos are laughing at me, the"giant Hawaiian flies", aka cockroaches, are sneaking around not so sneakily and the ocean outside our room is making me sleepy.

Good night!