Day 3 of Wilderness First Aid

Among other topics, today we covered hypothermia, SAR, graduation, snakes & piggy back rides. Our last day started promptly @ 7:45am. You would think the last day might lighten up... nope! We launched right into lectures on various injury topics...followed by some outside tutorials on how to carry an injured person out using materials that you may have with you...then back inside to hear a talk given by a Search & Rescue (SAR) person to better understand that part of a wilderness emergency... then back to our final scenarios of the day. Our patient was a lightning strike victim, with a stick impaled in his leg, a fractured upper arm at high-risk of developing hypothermia... handling this situation definitely felt better than the first one, but there is still a lot to figure out.

The experience of the staff running the course was inspirational, they have been teaching this course for 30 years and all have many years of experience both professionally and through volunteering. It was also great getting to know the other participants, some we already knew and got to know better, others we met for the first time, but all had interesting backgrounds and experience to learn from.

I can't stress enough how valuable a class like this is if you plan to spend any time exploring the wilderness and backcountry. For more info visit: