Someone Stop the Bleeding - Day 2 Wilderness First Aid

Well we made it through another very organized and informative 12 hours of learning... chest injuries, fractures, splinting, head trauma, wounds, process, procedure, improvising. So the most interesting things about wilderness first aid is that unlike an urban situation where you find an injured person, call 911 and help arrives in 5 minutes... You may be with the injured person for hours or days depending on the injury. We are not learning how to "fix" people but stabilize them until we can get to help or help can get to us. Today was very hands on and we had a couple of scenarios in which we learned a TON. Nothing like trying to keep a patient calm who is freaking out about a fractured arm while she is bleeding out from an injury on her leg... All simulated of course. Oh and total rookies mistake... Was so focused on the leg spurting blood that I forgot to put gloves on.

We also did some fun splinting scenarios!