Interview: Bob Draney


This interview with our friend Bob Draney was conducted after a morning of climbing at Stoney Point. Bob is a M-rated leader in the Sierra Club, Wilderness Travel Course leader, accomplished climber, mentor, campfire serenader and owner of Movement On Rock.

AdventurUs: What is your day job Bob?
Bob: I teach climbing, specializing in climbing movement.

AdventurUs: What has been your most memorable adventure?
Bob: I was climbing, with a friend, a 8 pitch 5.8 about 900ft. route in Red Rock called, Crimson Chrysalis. It was summer, a north facing wall, shade all day, blue sky, nice crack and face climbing. We reached the summit platform, about a 4' x 8' pedestal and a huge thunder cloud rolled in to meet us at the top. We had some Powerbars, an apple and some water and began our first repel, and that is when the lightning started. The rain came down and soaked the rope which got heavier at each anchor. Oh yeah the METAL anchors. (AdventurUs: Ummm... lightning, rain and metal repel anchors...) We just kept talking to each other, really concentrating on repel commands, encouraging each other, calming each other down. We are gonna be OK. After 4 hours of descending, 2 of which were total terror we were down. It was the most scared I have been.

AdventurUs: What is the most valuable lesson you have learned while being AdventurUs?
Bob: Do not take people who are not ready just cause you are excited to take them on an adventure.

AdventurUs: So there I was________ wishing I had a _______.
Bob: So there I was shaking wishing I had a rope and a belayer.