Mt Lowe Training Hike

The Numbers Game:Elevation - Approx 4000' Mileage - Approx 13 Time - Approx 7 hours

With our Mt Whitney climb only a month away, we decided that we needed to get a good hike in this week. We hiked from the trailhead at the top Lake Ave, up to Echo Mountain, where we took the Sam Merril trail to the East Trail to Mt Lowe. We then came back down the East Trail and took the Castle Canyon trail to Echo Mountain and then headed to the bottom.

As you will see by the pictures... we had a chill day on the trail stopping to take pictures of itty bitty spring flowers that were in bloom.

2 other great things happened... 1) we met Paul from the beach. Super interesting gent that we chatted with for quite a while, 2) We learned what the infamous Poodle Dog-bush looks like. This plant is supposed to be highly irritating, much worse that poison oak.