Patagonia's new Encapsile Down Belay Parka Sells out in a Week

When I was a kid I hung up pictures of my favorite bands or movie posters maybe a cool car or lacrosse player, but now I am about to hang up a picture of a jacket, my life has changed.Patagonia has raised the bar to stratospheric levels with science, functionality, a little voodoo and art with their new Encapsil down belay parka. The parka was put through its paces by some of Patagonia's toughest ambassadors in some of the world's toughest spots and glowed all the way. I still love my DAS parka and it is what goes in my pack whenever the weather calls, but the DAS has a new cousin that is pretty hard to ignore. With the large price tag, limited edition status and the fact it is already sold out this piece will not be easy to get but my hope is the new Encapsil down technology will make its way throughout their down line.


The Pin-Up Jacket


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