Getting Outdoors with the Family - New Year's Resolution!

[gallery type="slideshow" ids="132,133,72,68,69,67,64,65"] So much of our outdoor time is "training". We head out to the gym, go for a run, or hit the trails with a specific goal in mind, whether it be time, distance or skill specific. We usually do these adventures with just the two of us because they are so specific. The one bummer about these outings is that part of our family usually gets left at home... our four-legged adventurer Norman. It is not that he doesn't want to come... because he does, but being a bulldog he can only go so far and so long. Although if left up to him he would go until he dropped....literally.

So we have been trying to designate one of our weekly outings as a "family" adventure so we can take him with us. These have become some of our favorites, because they are really about enjoying the moment. We stop and take lots of pictures, notice things that we may not otherwise see, let him get dirty and overall just have fun! Our New Year's Resolution is to do this regularly.

We often joke that he is our child, but the reality is I can imagine this is very similar to taking young kids outside into nature to play. The exercise component may be lacking for you, but the quality time spent with your family, exploring nature, seeing things from a different perspective are totally worth it. Even a short hike can be filled with new experiences, things to see and learn about, opportunities to get a grimy and a great chance for you to become a kid again.

Let us know what your favorite kid friendly adventure is!